Frog Morris. Artist, performer, poet, curator and designer

Frog Morris is an artist, performer, poet, curator and designer. He has created live art for Whitstable Biennale, Whitechapel Gallery, South London Gallery, Camberwell Arts Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sing London, Limbo Arts, The Barbican, Cabaret Voltaire and many others. Frog hosted his own regular night at the Montague Arms pub in South London and his own annual festival called Frogstock in East Anglia. He studied Graphic Fine Art at Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury and Masters of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College.

His is world of pub quizzes, bingo calls, meat-based snacks, low budget sci-fi, real ale, bow-ties, poetry, DIY punk aesthetics, folk songs and stories about woodland animals. Though his work derives from a rich cultural history, it remains unrestrained by convention and performances usually delivered with his own subversive twist. He is fascinated by absurd idiosyncratic moments in English culture. Sometimes he draws the audience’s attention to absurdities that are already there. Sometime he places the absurdity there himself. Sometime his work is laugh out loud funny. Sometime it is profoundly unnerving. The audience are usually left unsure about what to expect next from him.

Though best known as a performance artist, Frog Morris is also a skilled draftsman and designer.  His shows are usually complimented by his own unique illustrated posters, concept drawings, comic strips, multimedia presentations, web publications and quirky handmade props. When not performing, he uses these skill to produce work for museums, festivals and commercial clients.

Frog Morris has a history of curating exhibitions and live event including the much loved Frogstock Festival which has run for over 10 years in Norfolk. Frog Morris also hosted regular bi-monthly shows at the Montague Arms in New Cross from 2007 to 2012 (well over 100 shows in total). His agenda was to establish a place where musicians, comedians and live artists could share the same bill and showcase their more experimental work, whilst audiences could discover something new and unexpected. His event are often likened to old music hall or Dadaist cabaret and they have helped to launch numerous artists and performers.

Frog Morris often works collaboratively and you may well have seen him in a double-act with stand-up comdian Mark Dean Quinn or musician Daren Callow or artist/reaseacher Lee Campbell or artist Nicole Mollett.

Frog Morris will be performing at the stage in Market Place SE16 during the Bermondsey Folk Festival 2017