Bermondsey Folk Festival 2017, 9th Sept

Bermondsey Folk Festival 2017 small poster

Pencil it in, add to your Google calendar, see it on your Apple watch, whatever method you choose to remind yourself that the Bermondsey Folk Festival is back on 9th of September 2017

The main change this year is that the festival will be held on one day, Saturday, rather than in several days of the weeks as in the past editions.

But don’t fear, we have no intention or whatsoever to lower the high standard of music we have played in the past and you will be pleased to hear that the venues, so many of you told us you liked, are taking part in the event once more.

So who’s playing?

Headlines performances by Martin Simpson, Stick In The WheelCunning Folk and Alastair Roberts Band -yes, you read correctly, Alastair will be accompanied by a band in this year’s appearance

Where is it?

We continue with the concept of playing in different venues even though it will be all in one day.

The venues taking part are:

In addition to the main venues, we are proud to be featuring unsigned singers and bands on a stage at the The Blue Anchor Market on Market Place. This space acts as a connection between the different venues allowing visitors to relax in between the different main performances.

There will be also be entertainment for kids, food stalls in addition to the many food outlets in the square and nearby streets and community stalls.


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